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China Sales & Business Advisory Services

Insight, Action, Results

Since 2003, we have set up and managed China sales efforts for more than 30 western client companies from many industries. Helping such a diversity of companies was no small feat. It required us to become experts in many areas of China business, including sales, recruiting, market strategy, product certification, logistics, infrastructure building, and even manufacturing localization. Our experience and resultant expertise now run deep and wide. Drawing on this expertise, we consistently provide clear, pragmatic, and actionable advice to clients on a multitude of issues. So, if you are doing or thinking of doing business in China, maybe “rethinking” how to run your business in China, consider how we might help.

China Business Advisory Services

    • China business strategy
    • Chinese partner search
    • Intellectual property issues
    • Local personnel assessments
    • Management recruiting advice and support
    • Business transaction troubleshooting
    • Negotiations support
    • Sales issues support
    • China sales and distribution support
    • Your challenge here

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