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Hands-on China Sales and Business Support since 2003

Since 2003, our ``anything sales`` support has helped grow our US and EU clients' sales in China faster and with lower cost than they could have alone. Support is hands-on, comprehensive, and cost-effective. Multiple proven services to choose from depending on your needs. Results are guaranteed.

Having trouble taking care of business in China, especially of late? Working with you, we help manage key business activities, even tough ones, to achieve desired outcomes more quickly and effectively than you can alone. We're in China for you and on your business 24/7, even if you can't be.

The complexities of business in China leave western companies confused and problem prone. Complicating matters is the constant barrage of global challenges - just read the news. But this is why we exist - to help our clients uncover, understand, and resolve those difficult China issues. Whatever your issue, we can help.

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It may be time to rethink your China business

Are you losing sleep over your business in China? Does your company need to improve performance but is unsure of how? Don’t let trade wars, competition, policy changes, and pandemics cause you to throw in the towel. Instead, consider you can successfully do business in China with lower cost, less risk, and better results. Of course, you’ll have to rethink your ideas about business in China, but we can help. Visit our rethink page to learn more.


Lytron, MA, USA – Engineered Cooling Systems

“China Sage was key to our business in China. They hired our technical salesperson, advised on strategy, and found a manufacturing partner. They managed our sales effort in China, involving us frequently. Five years in their program led us to our own China entity. China Sales Incubator worked well for us.”

– Mac Liu, Sales Director-Asia


Thesys International, CA, USA – Private Education

“China Sage helped us with recruiting, HR support, IT insurance, sales, marketing and banking. They helped develop our plan for sustainable growth within China. China Sage has the right blend of insight, vision, resource and patience. Plus, they’ve got a good sense of humor too.”

– Rob Chandler, CEO


Intense competition, rising labor costs, market barriers, regulatory hurdles, IP risk, trade wars and now a pandemic are but a few of the obstacles to business success in China. Will it ever change for the better? History says no, and for this reason alone, it may be time to rethink how you manage sales and other business activities in China. Sales and business process outsourcing is one way you might relieve pressures while fostering faster customer response, lower cost, and reduced risk. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to start.

– Chris Wingo, Managing Director

Hands-on sales and management support in China, when you can’t be here.