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Before you "fly" into China …

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Get actionable feedback from real Chinese customers. We collect feedback from trial selling your product to real Chinese customers, feedback that is faster and more useful than what you'd expect from typical market research. China Sales Explorer is a proven effective way to assess your opportunity in China and may even deliver you a sales opportunity or two.
Know before you go …. Better intel than market market research
  • + The truth from test selling to real Chinese customers

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    With China Sales Explorer, we'll invest 3 to 6 months in test selling your products or services using our existing sales resources. We'll meet face-to-face with qualified prospects and others in the industry to fully understand how they receive your offering.
  • + Real-time actionable feedback guides your way

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    Unlike market research that gives you trends, facts, figures and pie charts, our program provides specific reactions to your products from real prospects you help define! We'll be able to gauge receptivity, identify niche opportunities and develop valuable insights to maximize your chance for success in China.
  • + Know your chance for sales success before investing

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    The best way to assess your chances for selling in China is to have an experienced salesperson put your product in front of qualified Chinese customers - real information, real customers, real-time! Through this program, you'll not only know your opportunity but exactly what you must do to capture it as well.
  • + Valuable information for less cost than market research

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    Fast, high quality, product specific research for less than the cost of conventional market research - that's what you'll get with China Sales Explorer. At the end of the effort, you'll have realistic view of your opportunity in China plus field-tested recommendations on how to pursue it.
"China wasn't on our radar until we met China Sage. In short order, they learned our technology, presented us at a key trade show and signed on the right distributors. They have been working with distributors and government officials on several large highway projects. Really, China Sage is our team in China. It would not be feasible for us to try selling in China without them, at least not during this startup period.“

Vig Sherrill, CEO, Aldis Inc., TN, USA (Maker of Gridsmart ITS)

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Save the time and money you'll spend on conventional market research. Our China Sales Explorer program can help you to really understand your opportunity in China. You'll enjoy the benefits of a trial sales effort and maybe several sales opportunities as well! Contact us today for more information.

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Business in China is complex, so don’t expect that at some point all will come into focus, because it won’t. Business here involves a steady stream of unforeseen and often unwelcome occurrences. The the trick is not planning away such occurrences, rather learning to better predict and deal with them, sometimes even exploit them. This requires companies to be open-minded, nimble and continuous learners over time. China is less a well-planned ground war and more an ongoing special forces campaign.

You can depend on us to help make your campaign successful.

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