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To get started, we work closely with you to profile your business, objectives and ideal candidate. This initial work serves as our guide through the rest of the process.
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Finally, we thoroughly screen interview the "best few" candidates using our own 2-on-1 dual language process before introducing to your team for final interviewing.
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We don't advertise but "go direct" calling companies and tapping various networks to identify and attract the most promising candidates who align with our profile.

It takes a salesperson to know a salesperson … We're salespeople to the core and we sure know a good Chinese salesperson when we find one. Working with us, you won't have an in-basket of downloaded resumes, rather a few introductions to top caliber Chinese sales candidates. It's our deep experience and expert process that helps us save you time and ultimately make money through finding great salespeople. Our fees are based on success and support is guaranteed.

Our Intensive Sales Recruiting Process

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Top 5 pain inducing mistakes made by western firms when recruiting Chinese personnel
  • Focus too much on “technical” and “experience” requirements and not enough on China-specific character attributes.
  • Have unrealistic expectations that do not align with on-the-ground reality in China.
  • Lock radar onto first candidate that speaks excellent English (our vote for dumbest mistake).
  • Ask boilerplate interview questions and accept candidate’s responses at face value.
  • Do not involve trusted Chinese staff in the interviewing and hiring decision processes.
Save yourself the pain and contact us today. We'll help you find salespeople who'll not only sell like champions but have your back along the way.

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Business in China is complex, so don’t expect that at some point all will come into focus, because it won’t. Business here involves a steady stream of unforeseen and often unwelcome occurrences. The the trick is not planning away such occurrences, rather learning to better predict and deal with them, sometimes even exploit them. This requires companies to be open-minded, nimble and continuous learners over time. China is less a well-planned ground war and more an ongoing special forces campaign.

You can depend on us to help make your campaign successful.

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