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China Sales Incubator

Your own sales team in China with little cost and risk

China Sales Incubator


We are all about sales. Our expertise, commitment and results-driven culture allow us to deliver fast and sustainable sales.
China Sales Incubator


Monthly fees are minimal and pay-as-you-go. Our real “reward” comes when yours does, when we generate sales in China.
China Sales Incubator


In as little as four weeks from when you say go, we can build you a sales team and begin selling for you in China.

We learn your business and run a successful sales effort for you in China far faster than you could ever learn China and start selling on your own. And, we do it for less cost while affording you control through our “full-engagement” joint-management model.

China Sales Incubator Facts and Statistics


American designed, owned & operated since 2003.


First real sales outsourcing program in China.


Multiple businesses launched since 2005.


Millions in US export sales to China generated.


Low cost - 20% average cost-to-sales ratio.


Clients engaged for average of >5 years.


100+ years China sales experience in-house!

China is filled with opportunities for SMEs though securing those opportunities is a whole other story. Whether a company goes-it-alone or enlists a Chinese distributor or agent, more often than not, they fail. What companies really need is a seasoned sales team working for and not against them. But setting up and running a successful China sales effort requires time, money and risk taking not to mention a solid knowledge of everything China. It’s not easy, especially for smaller resource limited companies.

But there is another way, namely our China Sales Incubator (CSI) program. CSI provides everything a smaller company needs to enjoy the benefits of its own professional sales team, dependable management and office in China. CSI is fast to set up and fast to generate results. Operating since 2003, CSI is a proven outsourced sales program that has generated millions of dollars in export sales for American and European SMEs. Contact us today and learn if your company is right for CSI. CSI may be your company’s best option to set up and grow sales in China.

A professional China sales team working for you

✓ China Sales Management

CONTROL AND ALIGNMENT - Our multicultural China-forged management team understands your expectations as well as all aspects of selling and doing business in China. We provide you the understanding, advice and control needed to drive your business success. We manage your sales and business development effort, watch out for your best interest and always engage you each step of the way.

✓ Market-Experienced Salesperson

PRODUCT EXPERTISE AND MARKET ACCESS - The best people to sell to Chinese are other Chinese and with CSI you’ll have your own professional Chinese salesperson. Employing our knowledge and processes, we specifically recruit the right Chinese salesperson to represent your business in China. Once onboard as our employee, your salesperson works closely with you and only for your business full-time. Need more salespeople … we’ll hire them too.

✓ Inside Sales Support

EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND MORE TIME FOR FIELD SALES - Your field salesperson enjoys allocated inside sales support to help him or her with tasks like customer service, research and lead generation. This additional support affords your salesperson more time selling while ensuring your Chinese customers receive top-notch service which is very important as we build up your brand in China.

✓ Professional Administrative Support

NO GAMES OR LOOSE ENDS - Managing all non-sales tasks, our administrative support team helps keep your salesperson in front of customers and not in front of train ticket counters. For travel planning to reporting and order processing, our administrative support team gets the job done right. They will even assist you during your visits to China.

✓ Professional Shanghai Office

TANGIBLE PRESENCE AND ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY - Setting up in China is a fundamental commitment Chinese customers expect from foreign suppliers and our - really “your” - downtown Shanghai office will not only impress Chinese customers but give them confidence your company is serious about China. Our professional facilities and staff allow them to feel comfortable doing business with you.

✓ Sales and Performance Tracking

TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY - We provide sales and tracking tools to gauge success and support effective strategic planning. Or, we can incorporate your tools into our sales management system. Working together, we decide on and implement whatever is best for your business.
With CSI, you will be up and running in less than eight weeks and for a FRACTION of the investment and risk you you’d have setting up and running your own sales operation in China. Better yet, you can expect your CSI to break even in as little as six months. CSI is scalable to meet your growing business needs and, at program's end, you’ll have the option of establishing your own Chinese entity - taking your CSI sales team with you - or continuing in our program.

China Sales Incubator - One of the fastest most results-producing ways for SMEs to enter without having to invest or own anything in China.

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The CSI model works for most industries
Mfg Equipment
Environmental Products
Engineered Chemicals
Lab Equipment
Specialty Lubricants
Precision Fasteners
Intelli-Traffic Systems
High-tech Materials
Biotech Products
Educational Initiatives
Your industry here …
Consumer Products
CSI works well for SME companies in need of a professional sales presence in China but who lack the wherewithal - time, money and/or knowledge - to establish and manage one alone. CSI is a full-service, pay-as-you-go and results-driven outsourced sales program able to break-even in as little as 6 months. Program works for direct, channel and hybrid (direct + channel) sales development. Program affords lower risk, less cost and better results than most other China entry options. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
"Chris’ understanding of business in China has been vital as Fairmont expands its global footprint. Chris and China Sage lead us to solutions that work in China for recruiting, HR support, IT, insurance, sales, marketing and banking. His experience continues to help us plan for sustainable and responsible growth within the Chinese market. Navigating the very different rules, regulations and intangibles of doing business in China is no small feat. Guiding American businesses to success in such an environment takes an unusual blend of insight, strategic vision, resourcefulness and patience. The China Sage team brings all of this to the table, and they’ve got a sense of humor too."

Rob Chandler, CEO & President at Thesys International, LLC., CA, USA (Private Education)

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“Business in China is complicated, so … don’t expect at some point all will come into focus because it won’t. Business here involves an ongoing stream of unforeseen often unwelcome occurrences - the trick is not trying to plan away such occurrences, rather learning how to predict and deal with them, sometimes even exploit them. This requires companies be open-minded, flexible and nimble, knowledgeable over time. Really, China is less a large-scale well-planned out ground war and more an ongoing special forces campaign.”

China Sage Consultants … Depend on us to make your campaign successful.

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