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China Rapid Entry

Hyper-fast opportunity evaluation, strategic planning and startup selling

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Work at your site

We deliver a China selling and business training seminar then have an in-depth discussion of your product and business.

Actionable deliverables

We formulate an actionable China entry and startup sales plan then carefully review with you so no questions remain unanswered.

Work in China

We conduct market, product position and entry options evaluations after which we begin crafting your China entry plan.

A little work now saves a lot of pain later.

We all want to believe that what works in Mexico or Europe will work in China too. But China is different and requires a different approach. So before you jump headlong into China, do a little homework. Not only should you confirm your product’s opportunity, but you need ensure that your goals and expectations are in line with reality. You also need a viable China entry and startup sales plan. Such careful preparation will significantly increase your chances for success in China, and this is where we can help. Rapid China Entry Program not only ensures you understand and prepare well for China but helps you do it quickly. Our proven program is one of the fastest and most sensible ways to do your China homework.
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The Rapid China Entry Program works for direct, channel and hybrid (direct + channel) sales efforts. Our program is less cost, lower risk and affords better results than most other China entry planning options. Contact us today to learn more.

China Sage Consultants - American owned, managed and committed to helping American SMEs successfully sell in China since 2005.

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“Business in China is complicated, so … don’t expect at some point all will come into focus because it won’t. Business here involves an ongoing stream of unforeseen often unwelcome occurrences - the trick is not trying to plan away such occurrences, rather learning how to predict and deal with them, sometimes even exploit them. This requires companies be open-minded, flexible and nimble, knowledgeable over time. Really, China is less a large-scale well-planned out ground war and more an ongoing special forces campaign.”

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