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US Department of Commerce Commercial Service - The Commercial Service has more than 1,800 trade professionals in 105 US cities and 151 US Embassies, Consulates and Trade Centers around the world.  Their mission is to help companies navigate the complex international trade process.
American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai - One of the largest and most engaged American chambers in the world. Excellent resources and information through members, online information and continuous professional networking and business events.
SME Center - American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai - Online portal for small to mid sized companies interested in doing business in China or bringing China SMEs to the US. Database of service providers, businesses, opportunities and investments.
Ministry of Commerce, PRC - This Chinese trade ministry site is the direct source for China economic, trade and policy information.  Province and project specific information as well information on key trade fairs and exhibitions also available.
CNN Asia - The Asian version of the familiar CNN news website. Format and look are the same. 
China Daily - A Chinese news agency website with local and international news.  Articles appear in both English and Chinese and are relatively unbiased.
Shanghai Daily - Shanghai based newspaper. Covers everything from local to international news. Includes information on local lodging, restaurants and entertainment. - A Chinese built and managed English language site filled with culture, history, government, statistical, and lots of other China related information.
Lonely Planet Interactive Map - Have a good map for tourist related information. Click on cities and then sites of interest to navigate to useful information.

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ChinesePod and Popup Chinese - A convenient way to learn Chinese that combines audio lesson podcasts, web & mobile study tools and integrated, live speaking practice with teachers.
The Chairman’s Bao – Newspaper format learning tool that reports Chinese news stories along with English translations and audio. Categories by HSK level. Great learning tool.
Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese - For the Macintosh and MS-Windows operating systems. Wenlin tackles the most frustrating obstacles for students, scholars, and speakers of Chinese with its versatile and easy-to-use interface.
China Books & Periodicals, Inc. - This San Francisco based in business since 1960 in America's #1 China related book resource. A good resource for educators and anyone interested in increasing their understanding of China.
AsiaSociety – A selection of political, geographic and other information on China and Asia
CIA Factbook - The US Central Intelligence Agency maintains annually updated facts and information on every country. 

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2016 US Summer Camp for Chinese Middle Schoolers 2016夏令营-小小财务官2周介绍.pdf

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“Business in China is complicated, so … don’t expect at some point all will come into focus because it won’t. Business here involves an ongoing stream of unforeseen often unwelcome occurrences - the trick is not trying to plan away such occurrences, rather learning how to predict and deal with them, sometimes even exploit them. This requires companies be open-minded, flexible and nimble, knowledgeable over time. Really, China is less a large-scale well-planned out ground war and more an ongoing special forces campaign.”

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