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Operating since 2003, China Sage Consultants (CSC) provides B2B SMEs a better way to start selling and building their businesses in China. CSC's flagship China Sales Incubator has generated tens of millions of dollars in export sales for US and other international companies - China Sales Incubator is a full-service sales outsourcing program that affords clients a professional sales operation for less cost and with better results compared to going-it-alone in China. CSC also provides other sales, distribution and management consulting services.
  • Target Clients - Small to mid-size US companies desiring to grow sales and build sustainable businesses in China but who lack knowledge and resources to manage a China business alone.
  • Target Products - B2B engineered (technical) products; US universities (seeking Chinese students); US training and summer camps; US-side investment products.
  • Core Business - Outsourced sales and business development efforts through flagship China Sales Incubator program.
  • Key Competencies - China sales; China business; finding and managing the right people to achieve defined sales and business objectives in China; understanding and aligning with both US clients and their Chinese customers; Chinese culture and psyche.
  • China Consulting Services - Business advisory, Chinese personnel recruiting and problem troubleshooting.


We learn your business and run a successful sales effort for you in China far faster than you could ever learn China and start selling on your own. And, we do it for less cost while affording you control through our “full-engagement” joint-management model.


  • Cost-effectively support small to mid-sized (SME) American and other non-Chinese companies to help them succeed at selling and building their businesses in obstacle-ridden China.
  • Act with integrity and in the spirit of free markets while facilitating win-win interactions among clients and their Chinese customers.
  • Always value and promote the growth of our employees.
  • Ensure we are giving back to the local and global communities.


Client Industries
  • Engineered chemicals
  • Lab equipment
  • Medical device
  • cables and connectors
  • Education programs
  • Engineered thermal systems
  • Precision fasteners
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Traffic systems
  • Enterprise software
  • Specialty coatings
  • Composite materials
  • Industrial filtration materials
  • Environmental system components
  • US university student recruiters
  • EB-5 Investments
  • US real estate investments
  • Nano-materials
  • Other
End-User Industries in China
  • Automotive Service
  • High-speed train and conventional rail
  • Aviation
  • Metal parts machining
  • High voltage cable
  • Fasteners and hardware
  • Chemical processors
  • Cement
  • Coal fired boilers
  • Incinerators
  • Windpower
  • IT equipment
  • Medical equipment (CAT, EMR, X-ray)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical universities and hospitals
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • High-end laser equipment
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Private and public high schools
  • Other
Contact us today to discuss how your company’s products fit in China. And don’t worry if your industry is not listed above, we have proven that our unique business model works for any industry.

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“Business in China is complicated, so … don’t expect at some point all will come into focus because it won’t. Business here involves an ongoing stream of unforeseen often unwelcome occurrences - the trick is not trying to plan away such occurrences, rather learning how to predict and deal with them, sometimes even exploit them. This requires companies be open-minded, flexible and nimble, knowledgeable over time. Really, China is less a large-scale well-planned out ground war and more an ongoing special forces campaign.”

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