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Are you thinking of or already selling in China, our proven sales support will help you grow your business. Fast, simple and cost-effective support. Multiple programs to choose from. More
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Many things are not as they seem in China a fact that wreaks havoc on many western businesses. Our consulting support can help address those unseen forces and solve your difficult China issues. More
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Chris Wingo, Managing Director - China Sage Consultants

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In 2003, I started China Sage Consultants to provide a better way for western B2B SME companies to sell and build their businesses in China. Since then, we have helped secure millions of dollars in China sales for U.S. and European clients through our flagship China Sales Incubator program. Fully engaging clients along the way, we have coached them on “business in China” and ensure their best interests were always represented.

With a foundation of direct B2B product sales, we also manage distribution development, Chinese personnel recruiting, consulting, educational programs and Chinese student recruiting initiatives. And though diverse, our unique model adapts to support whatever your business may be. So whether you need help with sales or other tough business issues, there is a good chance we have handled what you are dealing with and will be able to help you too.

If you are considering or struggling with a business in China, it behooves you to contact us and learn why so many other SMEs have come to us for support. You can rest assured our American roots and hard-won China experience afford us a unique ability to understand both your company and any situation you may be facing. I am confident we can help solve your problems and determine your best path forward.

Wishing you smooth selling in China!

Chris Wingo, Managing Director

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"China Sage Consultants is fundamental to helping Lytron establish its long-term sales presence in China. They recruited and hired a well-qualified sales candidate for our highly technical product line. They advise us on market sales plan, potential field service providers, and manufacturing partners. As our China sales team, they work closely with us to manage our sales and overall business in China including advising us on critical strategic decisions. It would be very difficult for us to find and pursue the types of project opportunities they consistently do.”

Mac Liu, China Sales Manager, Lytron, MA, USA (Engineered Thermal Control Solutions)

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